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Covenant of slayers is an arena boss slaying game! Play a variation of fighters that joined the covenant to defeat the evil Dead Army monsters. Slay legendary boss monsters. Try unique play styles with the fighters and item sets for different monster hunters. Inspired by the boss fighting in The Binding of Isaac and Dark souls.


  • 12 Unique Boss monsters
  • 5 Unique playable monster hunters
    • The Fire Mage, summoner of flames.
    • The Red Warrior,  past General of the red army.
    • The Shadow  Assassin, past member of the shadow cult.
    • The Shopkeeper, the covenant leader.
    • The Blood Knight, a vampire bounty hunter.
  • 60 Total unique encounters
  • 29 Legendary boss loot items that add unique powers to you and your abilities and increase your stats.
  • Use your skills to slay all bosses with all hunters and get amazing loot and use the loot for the final fight once all heroes defeated all bosses.


  • Move with W/A/S/D.
  • Dash towards mouse cursor and by pressing space.
  • Shoot/Basic attack by clicking the left mouse button.
  • Class ability by clicking the right mouse button.
  • Escape button (Esc) to go back to menu.

Not sure? Try demo!:D

Install instructions

Download the file, then start the executable file "Covenant Of Slayers" and an installer will begin to download the game and soon enough it should be running.

If there is any problems with the download please contact support at:


Covenant of Slayers Game.exe 107 MB
Covenant of Slayers Demo.exe 107 MB
Game Design of CoS.pdf 348 kB
CoS Background.png 82 kB


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Looks amazing!!!

NatureWarrior <3